We are specialists in Mechanical and Electrical Projects, Management, Programs, Inspection, Expedition, Commissioning and Non-Destructive Testing (Visual Inspection, Penetrating Liquids, Magnetic Particles, Straight and Angular Beam Ultrasound, Leak Test and Phased Array Ultrasound
We have Specialist Technicians to provide the best service according to the specific needs of each of our clients, ensuring that their expectations are exceeded in terms of contracted work.
In the same way, it has its own equipment for the verification of different processes, as well as a cutting-edge tool for reviewing the required parameters.
• 2 CWIs
• 2 NACE CIP Level I
• 1 NACE CIP Level II
• 1 ASNT Level III (PT, MT, LT, UT, VT & RT)
• 6 ASNT Technicians Level II IV
• 6 ASNT Technicians Level II PT
• 6 ASNT Technicians Level II LT
• 4 ASNT Technicians Level II MT
• 3 Technicians ASNT Level II UT
• 1 ASNT Technician Level I RT